Time's Alibi is Husky's debut.  Long gestating in the folds of his brain, it is finally available for the world to devour.  He is currently working on the sequel, due in 2016.  Husky is an author, lawyer, chemist, poet, and musican.  Quite possibly a joker of all trades.  

Husky Harlequin

Step into the void.

Crack the door to my mind's eye.

Dare to entertain.

Author: Husky Harlequin


Insidious Altruism is the imprint owned by Husky Harlequin.  In this day and age, you have to bet on yourself to succeed.  No one else will.  Look for more titles soon.

Insidious Altruim

A flame in the black.

A hand in the sinking blue.

Caged in my wild mind.